We came into the mid wife station about 1900 hrs and Kenta came out 0224 hrs the following day. Here he has his first bath ever. 2 days old.  Not sure this is fun???

Kenta and his first bath

Sigge helped us to check heart and lung sound, exactly same as the midwife did.

Sigge leker doktor

Important to check everything….all seems OK!

Viktigt att man kollar noga

Kenta kollar vikten

The birth weight was 3112g. Here his is onlyh 2934g. Will take some days to recover the weight.

Kenta och pappa hälsar på varandra

Hi Kenta….who is touching your nose?

Tryggt att vara i mammas famn

Good to hug Mommy.

Michiko o Kenta

My dear darling!!!